What's New
  • Version 0.4 released 15 February 2006, which works with Firefox 1.5.x
  • Version 0.3 released 1 December 2005, which works with Firefox 1.5
  • Version 0.2 released
  • Project added to mozdev

The lsid extension enables resolution of lsidres URIs. The lsidres protocol is used by IBM's LaunchPad for Life Sciencer Identifiers (LSIDs). At present, LauchPad is only available for Internet Explorer 6 running on Windows. This extension is a first step towards adding support for this protocol to other browsers.

Version 0.1 simply redirects the browser to the BioPathways Consortium's LSID resolver, which resolves the LSID.

Version 0.2 redirects to a Perl script on a machine at Glasgow that does the resolution and displays the metadata using an XSL transformation.

Version 0.3 works with Firefox 1.5 (just needed to tweak the file install.rdf).

Version 0.4 works with Firefox 1.5.x (just needed to tweak the file install.rdf)(again...).

A more sophisticated approach would be for the extension to do the resolution itself (perhaps using IBM's Java client source code as a starting point), but this is for the future.

Related extension

IBM's LSID project have their own Firefox extension LSID Launchpad for Firefox, which is a lot slicker than mine. It's in beta, but well worth a look.


The idea came from the HDL/DOI handler provided by the DOI Foundation, and the Mozilla MLdonkey protocol handler. The tutorial provided by roachfiend was very helpful.

The lsid project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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